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Lower Moyamensing in Philadelphia

Lower Moyamensing, colloquially known as “LoMo,” is a vibrant neighborhood nestled within the larger area of South Philadelphia. The region is renowned for its 19th-century row homes, variety of restaurants, and a rich history that has seen it grow from part of Moyamensing Township to an integral part of Philadelphia.

A Glimpse into the History

Lower Moyamensing became part of Philadelphia in 1854, having previously been part of Moyamensing Township. The neighborhood is bordered by Snyder Avenue to the north, Oregon Avenue to the south, South 7th Street to the east, and South Broad Street to the west. It’s located just south of the East Passyunk Crossing neighborhood and north of the stadium area.

Residences in Lower Moyamensing

The neighborhood is primarily residential, characterized by rows of 19th-century homes. Many of these homes feature the signature Philadelphia awnings. The streets are typically lined with two-story brick houses, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that is distinctly ‘Philly.’

lower moyamensing

The Local Food Scene

Lower Moyamensing boasts a variety of eateries that cater to diverse tastes. One popular spot is Los Gallos, a family-owned Mexican taqueria renowned for its Puebla-style cuisine. For those with a sweet tooth, Dodo Bakery offers Hong Kong-style pastries and buns, while Frangelli’s Bakery, a neighborhood staple since 1947, is famed for its hand-cut, hand-pumped doughnuts. Frida Cantina, another Mexican restaurant in the area, is known for its extensive food menu and tequila and mezcal cocktails.

Green Spaces in Lower Moyamensing

While there isn’t technically a park within the neighborhood boundaries, LoMo residents enjoy easy access to Marconi Plaza and Mifflin Square. These green spaces offer plenty of room for outdoor activities such as dog-walking, playing, or simply enjoying a picnic on a sunny day.

Transportation in Lower Moyamensing

The neighborhood is serviced by SEPTA’s Broad Street Line subway line at Snyder station and Oregon Station. Broad Street is the major north-south roadway, while Snyder Avenue and Oregon Avenue serve as the main east-west routes. The easy access to major roads and public transportation makes commuting and exploring other parts of the city convenient for residents.

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Healthcare in Lower Moyamensing

The neighborhood is home to the Methodist Hospital, part of the Jefferson University hospital network, providing residents with easy access to healthcare services.

Community Involvement

The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association actively brings neighbors together through local events, including street cleaning and community gardening. This active community involvement fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among the residents, enhancing the community spirit of the neighborhood.

Notable People from Lower Moyamensing

Lower Moyamensing has been home to several notable individuals, including mobster Angelo Bruno, disc jockey Jerry Blavat, actor James Darren, singer Fabian, boxer Joey Giardello, singer Bobby Rydell, author Lisa Scottoline and physician Scott Stewart, founder of Methodist Hospital.

Education in Lower Moyamensing

South Philadelphia High School, located at the corner of Broad and Jackson Streets, is one of the key educational institutions in the area. This adds to the neighborhood’s appeal for families with school-aged children.

A Neighborhood with a Heart

Lower Moyamensing’s charm lies in its blend of history, community spirit, diverse food scene, and the warmth of its residents. Whether you’re passing pedestrians on the street or chatting with neighbors on their stoops, you’ll surely be greeted with a friendly “hello.” The neighborhood’s welcoming vibe, coupled with its rich culture and convenient amenities, makes Lower Moyamensing a true gem in South Philadelphia.

Whether you’re considering moving to Philadelphia or exploring new neighborhoods within the city, Lower Moyamensing is worth considering. Its unique blend of history, culture, and community makes it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors alike.